Welcome to the website of "Sport Trade Georgia ". Please, read the terms of this Agreement carefully. While using any of the services of the website www.hummel.ge, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Our business and legislation in Georgia are constantly changing, so we can make changes to this user agreement, about which we will try to provide information to our customers, but this is not our obligation, so, please, check terms of use of our Internet Store periodically. It is your responsibility to get acquainted with the latest version when making an online purchase. The agreement will include the date of the last update.

All the underlying terms regulate your use of our website and services.


Our service

hummel.ge is an online shop that allows customers to purchase products and receive services through www.hummel.ge.

In addition e-commerce shop of hummel.ge, there are physical shop where customers can buy the products listed in the electronic warehouse of hummel.ge

Therefore, trade takes place in a competitive environment. The product that you choose to be in your consumer basket, will not be insured from the risk that other client from the shop or/and registered at web-page buys the product, so it is recommended to buy in time from hummel.ge.

hummel.ge does not take responsibility if you as a web site customer fail to buy the desired product, even if you have seen the product on hummel.ge or reserved in your electronic basked before your purchase.

If the system denies performing the transaction, it will provide you with information about the unavailability of the product you have chosen; you agree to receive this information in accordance with the existing agreement.


Your account and profile

Authorization and use of the services on the website of hummel.ge are not authorized by any other physical or legal parties through your account.

You are responsible for preventing such unauthorized use. If an unauthorized person visits our website and uses the service from your account at hummel.ge, we will rely on the following account and assume that you have visited the website.

Only you are responsible for any and all of the entries or use of services on our website, which will be performed by other people using your hummel.ge account.

For security reasons, please inform us immediately if you know that your hummel.ge account is used without your permission.



Available payment methods

Payment on hummel.ge can be made via Visa and Mastercard Card. Amex cards are not accepted at this moment.

When can you buy products at the online store?

The product can be purchased from the site on any day of the week, including holidays, within 24 hours.

How to buy products at our online store

To buy a product from the site you need to specify your personal data and address on our site. In case of payment via card, you must fill the gaps on the bank's page accessed via online basked.


Last updated: 30.04.2020